Are you hungry for some authentic Middle-Eastern, Israeli cuisine? Look no further and come on by to Pita Pita. Our menu is full of tasty, authentic foods including falafel, schnitzel, kebab, shawarma, grilled chicken, and our famous bowls.

To go along with all of these foods, you can have yourself some of our fresh Israeli salads and hummus, prepared fresh every day. Our Israeli style hamburgers are some of the juiciest and tastiest burgers you will ever try, always prepared with the freshest ingredients. Come on by today and indulge in all of our tasty options!


Falafel is made primarily from fava beans, ground chickpeas, or both. The ingredients are rounded into a ball and then deep-fried into a golden perfection. Falafel is usually served by itself with a pita on the side or prepared beforehand already inside the pita. Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food that is sure to satisfy your taste buds!


Schnitzel is a thin piece of chicken breast, covered with flour, then beaten eggs, and then breadcrumbs. The ingredients are then put into a fryer until the chicken becomes brown and is ready to be consumed. This food originated in Austria but is now one of the most popular foods eaten in Israel.


Kebab is a very popular Middle Eastern food, usually prepared with the combination of ground beef, onion, and other spices. In the Middle Eastern tradition, it is eaten with a side of hummus and other vegetables. The kebabs are usually prepared on a barbeque or grill.


Shawarma is a meat preparation where either, chicken, lamb, turkey, or mixed meats are on a spit and grilled continuously for as long as a day. The spit that you will usually see in the Middle-Eastern restaurant are usually vertical and are work continuously. Shavings of the meat are cut off and put into a pita or lafa, which is generally prepared with hummus and other salads.

Grilled Chicken

Our chicken breasts are seasoned and grilled to absolute perfection! On your grilled chicken plate, you will find high-quality chicken breast, along with Israeli salad, hummus, and some other sides of your choosing. Complete your plate with a side of our tasty pita bread.


Our bowls deliver an explosion of flavor in every bite! The bowl is prepared with rice, beans, Israeli salad, corn, and topped with shawarma, falafel, or grilled chicken breast, all creating the perfect combination. You will not be disappointed by this one of a kind creation.

Pita Pita

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3801 N University Dr. #304 Sunrise, FL 33351, USA
(954) 741-5844

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